05 October 2012

0 Free Jail Break for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

DOWNLOAD How To Jailbreak Your iPhone, iPod Touch, Or iPad

Do you want to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, but don’t know where to start? Then download the latest manual from MakeUseOf, which will teach you to do just that. From author Lachlan Roy, this guide shows you how to use RedSn0w and recommends tweaks and apps to try out once you do.
Jailbreaking is the act of removing the limitations set by Apple on iOS devices. It allows you to bypass the iOS App Store and install applications which have not been vetted by Apple, as well as make changes to the operating system itself such as how it looks and functions. You can change things which are not changeable by default. Basically, jailbreaking frees your iOS device and allows you to get the most out of it by using it how you want to use it.
iOS 4 brought multitasking to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, but it had already been available for months before iOS 4’s announcement. When iOS 5 was released, the Notification Center seemed like the perfect place to add extra features, but Apple kept it locked down. It wasn’t long before all sorts of extra widgets and plugins began showing up in the Notification Center, including easy access to toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth and the iPhone 4/4Ss flash.
It’s all thanks to jailbreaking, and you can take advantage of tomorrow’s features today if you learn how. Start with this manual.


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